Dignified, personalized care for memory impairments.

Improve your well-being in a secure community with specialized support for memory impairments, including Alzheimer’s disease. Heritage of Sandy Plains offers a Valeo™ memory care neighborhood in Marietta, GA, that’s specifically designed to provide ongoing care for adults that want to pursue exceptional lives. Our extensively trained team will not only help you manage your impairment but will personalize your care to maximize your strengths and improve your overall well-being.

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When is A Memory Care Community Needed?
How Should I Talk to My Parents About Moving to Memory Care?
How Much Does Memory Care Cost in Georgia?
What’s Included in Our Georgia Memory Care Community
Why Choose Heritage of Sandy Plains?
Memory Care FAQs

VALEO (va-LAY-o)

Marietta GA Memory Care Programs are designed around the Valeo™ wellness philosophy.

Our memory care program is designed around the Valeo™ wellness philosophy. Derived from the Latin word meaning “to thrive,” Valeo™ takes a holistic approach to care. That means our memory care team won’t focus just on your mental and physical wellness. We’ll combine those elements with social and spiritual well-being to promote total person wellness.

  • Physical Wellness: Strengthen your body with a healthy diet and physical activity
  • Social Wellness: Build relationships with new and old friends while strengthening your ties with family – Valeo™ encourages connections with both people and pets
  • Intellectual Wellness: Exercise your brain with stimulating programs that help you revisit old memories and preserve cognitive function
  • Spiritual Wellness: Keep your personal beliefs strong with dedicated time for religious and spiritual activities

Our Valeo™ philosophy is never one-size-fits-all, it was built with personalization in mind. Every program and care plan is customized to your needs, providing opportunities for you to engage and create meaningful interactions that bring joy to your everyday life.

When is A Memory Care Community Needed?

Certain signs can indicate whether you, your spouse, or your parent is in need of memory care services. These signs include:

  • Becoming disoriented, wandering, or getting lost
  • Exhibiting aggressive behaviors
  • Repeating stories or questions
  • Struggling to find the right words or using the wrong words
  • Difficulty concentrating, planning, or organizing
  • A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other cognitive decline that requires 24-hour supervision
  • Subpar living conditions
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Neglecting personal care, housework, or finances

If you are a primary caregiver to a parent with memory issues, we know you are doing everything you can to care for your parent. At some point, though, your mother or father may require care beyond that which you can provide at home without sacrificing your safety or quality of life. It may be time to consider memory care for your parent or spouse if you notice these signs:

  • Worrying about your loved one’s safety all the time
  • Worrying about your own safety
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Spending more time enjoying life with your parent or spouse rather than managing their care

Heritage of Sandy Plains provides personalized memory care services to residents to help them live life with dignity and purpose.

How Should I Talk to My Parents About Moving to Memory Care?

Knowing how to talk to your parents about moving to a memory care community is essential – after all, moving to a new home can be worrisome and complicated. Fortunately, there are ways to have “the talk” that makes moving to memory care a little easier.

Prepare for the talk by making a list of concerns, such as safety and health problems. Have the conversation as soon as possible to give your loved one time to think about it. Talk in person whenever possible, and plan to talk frequently. Start by asking your loved one how things are going at home. Be sure to listen closely to concerns, express empathy, and take it slow.

How Much Does Memory Care Cost in Georgia?

Our monthly fee for Valeo™ memory care is all-inclusive and starts at $3,640; and our memory care community has a one-time fee of $2,000. Many people find it vastly easier to pay a once-monthly fee that covers most essentials rather than paying for rent or a mortgage, groceries, utilities, care, housekeeping, entertainment, and transportation.

As with assisted living, Medicare covers only medical expenses and not rent, meals, or assistance. Medicaid, on the other hand, covers a wide range of expenses associated with dementia care, including Alzheimer’s care and memory care costs. Medicaid may not cover all dementia care costs or cover the costs of certain services. Some private health care plans will provide coverage for memory care under a disability extension of the plan’s benefits; and most insurance plans will not cover senior living. Individuals should work closely with the memory care community to determine whether Medicaid or a private health care plan will cover memory care.

Personal assets belonging to the individual with dementia or their family members can help pay for care. Assets may include investments, such as stocks, savings accounts, and real estate, or personal property. Reverse mortgages can help convert equity in a home into income while allowing the individual to retain ownership of the home. Government assistance in the form of public programs, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) for workers younger than 65, Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, and tax deductions and credits. Community support services may also provide assistance.

A counselor at the Heritage of Sandy Plains can help connect you with the resources you need for you or your loved one to move into our community.

What’s Included in Our Georgia Memory Care Community

Heritage of Sandy Plains provides a wide variety of amenities and services, such as:

  • Chef-prepared entrées, served restaurant style in our dining room
  • Utilities included (excluding phone)
  • 24-hour health monitoring team to ensure the well-being of residents
  • 24-hour emergency response system
  • Personalized Valeo™ wellness programs to optimize health and memory
  • Media room
  • Entertainment, social events and educational programs to sharpen minds and improve memory
  • Housekeeping, laundry and linen services, trash removal
  • Scheduled group transportation to social events and cultural programs
  • Beautifully landscaped courtyards with walking paths
  • Maintenance and repairs and eye-catching landscaping

Heritage of Sandy Plains employs a Valeo™ philosophy, built on living purposefully. Valeo™ focuses on combining physical wellness with social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness.

Physical wellness strengthens the body through a healthy diet and physical activity. Social wellness supports relationships with both old and new friends, while also strengthening ties with family members. Heritage of Sandy Plains helps build intellectual wellness through stimulating programs that exercise the brain, preserve cognitive function and help residents revisit old memories. We also support spiritual wellness by dedicating time for religious and spiritual activities

We customize every program and care plan to fit the individual needs of every resident who calls Heritage of Sandy Plains home. We also provide opportunities for each resident to engage, interact, and create happy moments that bring joy to everyday life. We have a full calendar of fun and meaningful events, fitness and wellness programs, and a wide variety of social activities.

The benefits of memory care at Heritage of Sandy Plains goes far beyond these services and amenities. At Heritage of Sandy Plains, our staff of highly trained memory professionals deliver personalized memory care in a warm and comfortable setting. Perhaps most importantly, memory care at Heritage of Sandy Plains provides peace of mind. Our 24-hour security system helps to keep residents safe and secure.

What Happens if Something Changes?

Things change over time; this is particularly true when it comes to health issues. Someone can go from thriving in independent living with just needing a little help to needing assisted living services. Some people might develop memory issues over time too, and benefit from the services memory care communities can provide. Having assisted living and memory care on a single campus makes it easier to respond to the changes that often come with time.


Why Choose Heritage of Sandy Plains?

Heritage of Sandy Plains is more than just a place to live – it is a memory care community in Marietta, GA, in which residents thrive. Situated just a half hour from Atlanta, GA, Marietta boasts some of the most interesting museums, theaters, and markets in Georgia. Our balmy climate and location make Marietta a great place to live, and our team members make Heritage of Sandy Plains a great place to call home. Our well-trained, friendly staff are always on hand to help residents live comfortably in our community.

We are also here to provide peace of mind for the families of residents. Heritage has incorporated innovative, technology-rich features and programs in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. At Heritage of Sandy Plains, we use technology to enhance residents’ engagement, connection and well-being. We carefully track the progress of each resident’s health, for example, and provide personalized reports and reviews to the resident and their family members.

Heritage of Sandy Plains also provides fine amenities, services, activities, and options that can improve quality of life. Daily activities can range from Create and Compose art and music classes to Creature Comforts programs that bring calm dogs, cats and even birds into the daily lives of residents. Heritage of Sandy Plains offers chef-prepared meals served restaurant-style; residents can also invite family and friends over for a meal served in our private dining area. Amenities and services include individual apartments with 24-hour security and support, a beauty and barber salon, a theatre and library, a lovely courtyard, and our pet-friendly policy.

Can I Visit my Parents?

Visitation guidelines during COVID-19 vary according to state regulations and virus protocols. We also make it possible to visit via video calls. Simply contact us at (770) 973-7303 to get more information.

What’s Next?

Now that you have explored the many benefits of living in a memory care community, take the next step towards a more fulfilling life by contacting Heritage of Sandy Plains. We’ve made it easy – simply call (770) 973-7303 or complete our online form. You can schedule an in-person tour of our community or take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home.

Download our memory care guide today to learn more.


Marietta, GA Memory Care FAQs

What is a Memory Care Community?

What Type of Memory Care Programming Does a Community Include?

The memory care programs provided can vary across communities and even across those who live in those communities, depending on the resident’s individual needs. Memory care programs often include exercises that benefit physical and mental well-being, arts and crafts that promote communication and language skills, brain fitness exercises and music therapy. Many memory care communities offer full program calendars to keep each day interesting and engaging.

Does Medicare Cover Memory Care Communities?

Medicare pays for some, but not all, types of care for those with memory issues, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Medicare will cover some doctor fees, for example, and Medicare Part D will pay for some prescription drugs. Medicare will cover hospice care for those people with dementia nearing the end of their lives, but the government agency will not cover custodial long-term care.


Memory care at Heritage of Sandy Plains

At Heritage of Sandy Plains, our team isn’t just going to a day job – they truly care about helping people and are building careers on that foundation. Every day, our team connects with residents one-on-one to build the trust they need to provide exceptional assisted living and memory care. As a resident, you’ll interact with compassionate, trained team members that motivate and inspire you.


We’ve developed personalized, industry-leading training that teaches our team how to support the daily needs of residents with memory impairments. That training is never limited to our clinically licensed employees. Everyone, from our housekeepers to our operations team, learns to care for people with memory impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Each and every team member is encouraged to slow down, engage with you and make connections that help them gain a better understanding of your life and your needs.


Every team member in our Marietta, GA memory care community is a support provider dedicated to your well-being. We go above and beyond for our residents, getting to know individual needs and helping create joyful moments. Whether you’re looking for personal connections within the community or peaceful moments and quiet time to yourself, there are plenty of opportunities to find what you need at Heritage of Sandy Plains.

Family and Friends

Personal connections are important to creating joyful experiences for those with dementia. We encourage relatives and friends to visit often and be as involved as possible to engage residents and reignite joyful memories. As you visit with your family and friends, Heritage of Sandy Plains will help you preserve your family member’s legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Virtual Dementia Tours

You can never fully understand what those living with dementia face on a daily basis, but our virtual dementia tour comes close. A virtual dementia tour puts you in the shoes of someone with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, so you can gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and frustrations. We encourage caregivers and family members to take a tour to learn more about dementia. It can make a world of difference in helping you communicate effectively with those living with dementia.

During the virtual dementia tour, you’ll experience sensory stimulation that’s similar to what people living with dementia feel. It’s ideal for caregivers and others who are close to friends and relatives with dementia.

For more information about when the next virtual dementia tour will be offered at Heritage of Sandy Plains or to hear more about our memory care community in Marietta, GA, contact us today.