Make the lifestyle you want possible.

At Heritage, our mission is to make your goal lifestyle possible. Everything in our senior living communities in the Atlanta area are designed to provide the support and empowerment you need to meet your goals. Our Salus™ wellness philosophy incorporates the four pillars of well-being and our Valeo™ Signature Programs are customized for you. Our staff will get to know you as an individual, learning about your history, traditions and how you want to move forward with your life, using that information to design a custom plan that fits what you want.

Amenities & Services

Want more than just the cookie-cutter amenities other communities offer? Our services and amenities are designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Heritage customizes every program fit you as an individual. We offer a full suite of programs, amenities and services that appeal to a wide range of lifestyles. Enjoy services that make life easier, retain the comfort of home by bringing your pet with you and encourage family and friends to visit.


At Heritage, we know that food brings people together. It’s more than just fuel for your body – it’s a social event that encourages connections and sparks joy. Take the time to savor our chef-prepared, restaurant-style cuisine on your own, with friends from the community or with visitors. Our culinary team packs our menus with flavorful, seasonal variety so you have ample opportunity to try savory new dishes and never get bored of the selection.

Programs & Recreation

Engage, learn and explore your interests at our senior living community. Heritage was built to foster connections and help residents follow their passions. You’ll find a range of activities to enjoy and new experiences to pursue in our community.