Our Assisted Living Community in Kennesaw: Get the Right Level of Support.

Every assisted living program and care plan at Heritage of Brookstone is customized. You’ll receive one-on-one support that creates meaningful interactions and provides the right level of care for your personal situation. The entire community is designed to help you live well, including making connections with friends inside the community or strengthening relationships with your existing friends and relatives.

As you build your life in our assisted living community, we’ll be here to support you. From healthcare to transportation and housekeeping, we’re committed to helping you live life your way.  If you need programs for memory care we offer that too.

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What is Assisted Living?
When Do My Parents Need Assisted Living?
Assisted Living at Heritage of Brookstone
How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Georgia?
What is Included in an Assisted Living Community?
How to Have the Talk With a Parent About Assisted Living
Changing Care When Necessary
Our Community — Heritage of Brookstone
Assisted Living FAQs

What is Assisted Living?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to perform one or two activities of daily living.  Fortunately, today’s assisted living communities help people lead full, independent lives, but with a little help from trained providers.

Assisted living is a long-term residential community where residents not only receive the care they need, but also benefit from socialization, on-site amenities, and a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Our skilled nurses and team assist residents with activities of daily living (ADLs), which are routine tasks related to personal care and mobility. Examples of ADLs might include bathing, dressing, mobility or eating. We also help with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), which are more complex tasks related to independent living. Examples of IDALs include meal prep, cleaning, shopping, and medication management.

Assisted living services help individuals live independently in the community. Fully trained teams of dedicated professionals help residents live better lives by providing assistance with ADLs and IADLs.

When Do My Parents Need Assisted Living?

Most older adults could benefit from and enjoy assisted living. Why? It offers them a chance to be part of a community of people with similar needs and interests when it’s time to receive a little extra help in daily activities – but when is the timing right? Here are a few signs you can watch out for that will help you determine whether or not your family members need to consider assisted living:

  • They may be forgetting to take their medication. One of the perks of assisted living is you don’t have to remember the little things because someone is there to remind you.
  • They are at risk for falls. This may be because of mobility issues or medical conditions, such as osteoporosis.
  • They have experienced changes in weight. Losing weight could mean they are not eating enough because they are unable to get groceries or forget to eat regularly. Weight gain, on the other hand, might mean they are eating the wrong foods or it could be a sign of memory problems – they may simply forget that they have already eaten lunch and choose to make another meal. Assisted living communities offer fun and social dining experiences that are nutritionally balanced.
  • They could use some help around the house. Taking care of a home can be a lot of work, and assisted living gives residents a fresh, new place to live with all the maintenance and housekeeping help they need.
  • They seem isolated. Socialization is essential to everyone; assisted living is a community that will introduce them to others who have similar interests and provide activities they love.
  • Their hygiene habits have changed. For example, they may not bathe because it is too difficult or because they have forgotten. They may also wear dirty clothes due to struggles doing laundry. Assisted living helps them with these daily tasks.

There are other options for older adults that do not believe assisted living is right for them. For example, they could move to an independent retirement community. These types of senior living options offer the same benefits for socialization but do not offer additional help with completing everyday activities. Memory care is another type of living arrangement that could be the best option for those with memory problems or a dementia diagnosis.

Assisted Living at Heritage of Brookstone

Enjoy life without the burden of homeownership and maintenance. Heritage of Brookstone’s assisted living community empowers you to control your life with the support you need from our team members.

Our fully trained team can help you manage your medications or assist you with activities like dressing and bathing. Our team members are dedicated to helping you live the way you want, regardless of your physical or emotional challenges.

All our services are designed around individual needs and the pursuit of exceptional lives. Heritage of Brookstone’s assisted living community provides multiple services to residents.

Multiple Services

  • Daily living assistance (additional costs may apply based on wellness review and service level)
  • Concierge services
  • 24-hour security
  • 24-hour support and health monitoring team
  • Emergency bathroom response system and walk-in shower
  • Personalized Salus™ wellness programs
  • Physical, occupational, and speech rehab services
  • Visiting physicians, home health, and hospice providers
  • Resources and support for family members including orientation sessions, educational seminars, sensitivity training seminars and family support groups
  • Utilities (excluding phone)
  • Cable and Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment, social events, and educational programs
  • Housekeeping, laundry, and linen services
  • Scheduled group transportation to social events and cultural programs
  • Landscaping and trash removal
  • Maintenance and repairs

Holistic Wellness at Heritage of Brookstone

Our assisted living community is located in beautiful Kennesaw, GA, and operates around the Salus™ by Solvere wellness philosophy. Latin for “well-being,” Salus™ programs emphasize whole-person wellness, taking into account multiple components of well-being. As you explore our programs, you’ll find opportunities to pursue your physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs so you can thrive.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Georgia?

Pricing varies from person to person depending on the level of care required. For example, at Heritage of Brookstone, we charge a $2,000 one-time community fee. The monthly costs begin at just under $4,000 and can be found on our pricing page.

Regrettably, Medicare does not cover these costs. However, there are some exceptions, such as medically necessary short-term stays. Either the prospective resident or a family member should check with their supplemental health insurance provider to see what portion of the cost they might be able to defray.

In many cases, you will have to use personal assets to cover the cost. This can include things like:

  • Profits from the sale of a home and other assets. While you liquidate, you could take out a short-term loan.
  • In some cases, retirement funds can be withdrawn without penalty. There may also be tax advantages that help to offset the cost of care.
  • Savings
  • 401K
  • Life insurance
  • Insurance for long-term care
  • Contributions from family
  • Benefits for veterans or employees
  • Pensions and social security

If there is an extensive amount of property or funds to consider, it may be prudent to consult with a financial advisor. This will allow you to make more informed decisions and maximize your tax benefits.

What is Included in an Assisted Living Community?

Assisted living communities in Kennesaw are typically all-inclusive, so the monthly fee includes food and living expenses. Help with daily tasks may increase the monthly cost. Additionally, those in assisted living may have access to unique services such as a barber or salon, a podiatrist, security and monitoring, as well as social programs and entertainment.

Our community provides some amenities, including:

  • Meals prepared by a chef and served in a restaurant-style dining room
  • Wellness programs tailored to the needs of the residents
  • Media room
  • Social gatherings
  • Courtyards with walking paths
  • Health monitoring is available around the clock.
  • Emergency response system
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • 24-hour security
  • Fitness
  • Pets are welcome

In our assisted living in Kennesaw, we take a holistic approach. Rather than focusing only on specific issues, our staff work to care for the whole person. We provide physical exercise, socialization, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual guidance. In addition, we assist our residents in developing relationships and achieving their personal goals through education and social activities.

How to Have the Talk With a Parent About Assisted Living

At Heritage of Brookstone, we understand that assisted living can be a challenging subject to approach. The more information you have before the conversation, the better. For example, you and other family members should take a tour of an assisted living facility and speak with the staff. While you are there, you can take any resources they offer, such as brochures, with you and use them as aids when having this conversation with your loved one.

Additionally, before you bring up the topic of whether or not it’s time for your parent(s) to move into an assisted living community in Georgia, it’s important to ensure that everyone in the family is on the same page. The more support you have, the more likely it is that your loved one will listen to what you have to say.

When having this discussion, use active listening to ensure that the conversion is not one-sided. Discuss your concerns for your parent(s) and how you hope to improve their quality of life. Go over the amenities with them to show them what an exciting adventure living in a community with others who have similar interests can be. Make a point of focusing on the benefits rather than your parent’s age or health.

Changing Care When Necessary

The various care programs are one of the most significant advantages of choosing a community like Heritage of Brookstone. The typical care progression is as follows:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Memory care

In our senior living community, we provide both assisted living and memory care. This means that someone who begins with us in assisted living can transition to memory care with less disruption. They can live with more freedom and enjoy socializing with others and the various amenities in assisted living. They can still receive essential care services, such as assistance with routine tasks and personal care.

As time passes and deeper levels of care are needed, moving to memory care allows them to receive more personalized care while remaining in the same community. They work with caregivers and skilled staff they already know and are familiar enough to understand what they require.

Our Community — Heritage of Brookstone

Heritage of Brookstone in Kennesaw, Georgia, is a community that prioritizes safety, holistic wellness, and quality of life. Our residents have access to a luxury campus that includes walking paths, beautiful landscaping, and a courtyard garden.

We provide day trips to some of the most exciting attractions in the area, including museums, such as the Kennesaw State University Museum of History and Holocaust Education. We could see a local play or go to the movies as a group. Many of our community members also enjoy going to the local shopping malls for an afternoon of fun.

Our community events may also include excursions into nearby Atlanta for added excitement and entertainment – such as going to the Atlanta Opera or Ballet. The Alliance Theatre hosts Broadway shows, and the Woodruff Arts Center hosts concerts. There is also a lot to do on campus. Restaurant-style dining, a media room, and fitness programs are available.

Our highly trained staff assists each of our residents as needed and at the level of care that is best for them. They go through extensive training to be qualified for their roles and know how to help older adults in the most beneficial way possible. This includes our support staff, who can help them with tasks like bathing and dressing if necessary.

Fun Family Visits

Residents can expect visits from family and friends regularly while they are with us. Residents have large living areas and are welcome to bring their pets and furniture to make our community feel like a home. During these family visits, the community areas are open to see what life is like at Heritage of Brookstone and why it is such a great place to live.

Meeting Their Goals

At Heritage of Brookstone, we work with our residents to help them meet their personal goals and develop activities that support them in that effort. We offer educational programs, so they can continue learning new, exciting things. In addition, there are plenty of places they can go to socialize with others in the community, such as the courtyard, media room, or any of our sitting areas.

Fabulous Amenities

We offer some of the most innovative technology-rich features and programs in assisted living. As we monitor residents’ health, we will provide personalized reports and mobility assessments to them and their family members.

We provide amenities to enhance the quality of life for our assisted living residents. They include advantages such as:

  • Daily activities
  • Social events
  • Day trips
  • Shopping
  • A variety of dining options
  • Entertainment
  • Educational program
  • Support groups
  • Fitness programs
  • Wellness options
  • Spacious community areas for conversation, recreation, and fun

There is a little something for everyone — by design. We strive to make assisted living in Kennesaw at Heritage of Brookstone a place our residents are proud to call home.

What Comes Next?

If you have a parent or relative who would benefit from joining a vibrant community like Heritage of Brookstone, the next step is to learn more about us.

You can contact us here – a member of our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and to set up an in-person or virtual tour for you. You can also learn more by downloading our senior living guide.

Assisted Living FAQs

Making a decision about assisted living can be challenging. Whether you’re looking for support for yourself or someone else, questions are common. To help you better understand your options, we created a list of common questions.

How can I find the best assisted living home for my needs?

Is an assisted living facility different from an assisted living community?

Yes. Years ago, people had the option of moving to assisted living facilities, which were places they could receive help with ADLs. While they provided high-quality care, these facilities were sterile and quite plain, aesthetically speaking. They were also highly clinical in nature. Today’s assisted living communities provide the same high-quality care but in a much more comfortable and home-like environment. Due to the change in amenities and atmosphere, we now consider “assisted living facility” to be an outdated and inaccurate term.

What are the qualifications for assisted living?

Anyone who needs support to perform one or more activities of daily living, but who does not need 24/7 nursing care, may be qualified for assisted living. The most common assisted living service provided to residents is bathing, followed by walking, according to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL).

Individuals who do not need assistance with ADLs might also benefit from the amenities provided by an assisted living community, especially if they need a hand with IADLs.

What does assisted living provide?

Assisted living communities provide the support that allows individuals to live independently. In addition to assisting with ADLs and IADLs, these communities offer amenities and services to create enjoyable, engaging lifestyles. Many communities have calendars full of enriching social and educational programs and offer beautiful common areas to meet friends and neighbors. Fitness and wellness programs are often available to keep residents active and healthy. Residents can enjoy their time more fully, with housekeeping and landscaping services provided for them.