What’s the Average Cost of Assisted Living in Georgia?

The average cost of assisted living in Georgia is $3,425 per month. This cost, lower than the national average of $4,100, varies depending on where in the state you wish to live.

Costs for Assisted Living

As you look at different communities across Georgia and compare prices, don’t forget that the costs you see aren’t necessarily the actual costs you would pay.

Costs are not the same for everyone. Within most communities, monthly costs are based on each resident’s personal assessment level. Some assisted living communities use tiered systems, while others use a base cost with supplemental levels for additional care.

Cost of Assisted Living in Atlanta, GA

There are more than 670 assisted living homes across the state of Georgia. In many cases, communities located in large cities have higher costs for assisted living because the citywide cost of living is higher.

Small cities and towns often see lower monthly costs for assisted living. If you’re considering a suburban region, you might find that pricing varies from one city to the next. Sometimes you see higher costs in more affluent suburban cities, even if they have a smaller population.

For example, the average cost for assisted living in Brunswick comes in at $6,180 per month. Costs in Gainesville and Valdosta are a bit lower, around $4,608 and $3,765 respectively.

What is the average cost of assisted living in Atlanta? It’s the city with the largest population in Georgia, which sees an average cost of $3,863 for assisted living, while Athens has an average monthly cost of $3,605.

If you’re looking for pricing below the state average, consider cities like Warner Robins, Albany and Columbus. Other cities like Marietta, Savannah and Rome sit at about the state average, but may provide more amenities and a higher quality of life close to attractions in each city. The slightly higher price is often well worth it in these cities, especially if they’re areas you feel comfortable in or you have family or friends living nearby.

How Other States Compare to Georgia

To help with your assisted living decisions, take a look at how Georgia compares to neighboring states. Overall, Georgia has one of the lowest average costs for assisted living in the nation, just below Arkansas and Missouri.

While Georgia and Alabama have similar costs, other neighboring states see monthly rates anywhere from $4,017 in Tennessee to $4,120 in North Carolina. Both Florida and South Carolina come in at about $3,605.

Some states, like New Jersey, Washington State and New Hampshire, see monthly rates for assisted living sit around $6,592, $5,665 and $7,232, respectively.

How Assisted Living Costs Compare to In-Home and Nursing Home Care Costs

Of the three options, assisted living is the cheapest. You might be surprised by this, especially since it’s natural to think that remaining in your own home and hiring help would be cheaper. This is not the case.

In Georgia, in-home care would cost you about $3,927 per month for homemaker services such as meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry and housecleaning. Your costs are higher if you require a home health aide for housecleaning and meals plus assistance with daily living activities like bathing, dressing, medication management and transportation to doctor appointments. Here, you could expect to see month costs reach $4,026.

If you moved to a nursing home, you could expect to pay about $6,885 for a semi-private room and $7,362 for a private room.

In Georgia, the average cost of an assisted living apartment with services sits at $3,425, which means you would save money and know that your requirements can be met all in one community. Compared to in-home care, assisted living would save you nearly $600 a month. It would save you almost $3,500 per month compared to nursing home care.

What Assisted Living Services Are Included in the Monthly Cost?

There are many benefits to moving to an assisted living community, including the extensive services included in the monthly fee. Apart from living in a caring community setting where you’re surrounded by new friends and neighbors, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have help with daily living activities whenever you need it.

Assisted Living Community Services

  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • Medication management
  • Meals in the dining room
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry
  • Utilities and Wi-Fi
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency call services
  • Group activities

Your monthly assisted living costs will also include access to amenities that vary depending on the community. You’ll want to check in with the specific community to see which ones they offer.

Assisted Living Community Amenities

  • Beauty and barber salon
  • Outdoor patio
  • Vegetable and flower garden
  • Library
  • Media and theater center
  • Computer room
  • Arts and crafts room
  • Games room
  • General store

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

In most cases, people pay for assisted living using private money. This might be from selling your house or from dipping into your savings. You can also use pensions, long-term care insurance or funds from Social Security and other federal benefits. If you are a veteran or widow of a veteran, you may also be eligible for assistance from the Veterans Aid and Attendance program.

Available Financial Aid in Georgia

Everyone has a different financial situation. If you need financial aid to help cover costs for assisted living, see below for a few of your options.

Please know that you cannot use Medicare to pay for an assisted living room and board. You can only use Medicare Part B to cover the costs of medically necessary tests, prescriptions and doctor visits. Medicaid is what you would use to cover some of the costs of assisted living room, board and care.


In Georgia, Medicaid is offered through the Department of Human Services Division of Family & Children Services. It is also known as Aged, Blind, and Disabled Medicaid.

You must also meet a few requirements:

  • Be over 65 years of age
  • Be a resident of Georgia
  • Have income that doesn’t exceed set household limits

Medicaid Waivers

Georgia offers two Medicaid waivers that help mature adults live in a community versus an institution, like a nursing home:

  1. Community Care Services Program (CCSP)
  2. Service Options Using Resources in a Community Environment (SOURCE)

Both of these waivers operate under the Georgia Department of Community Health. There are waitlists for each program due to caps on enrollment.

High-Quality Georgia Assisted Living Communities

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