Atlanta Georgia Nursing Homes

When independent living becomes a challenge – when common household tasks or everyday chores become increasingly difficult – it can create a tough situation. Whether it happens to you or someone close to you, finding the right place to live can feel overwhelming. It involves finding just the right level of support, as well as opportunities for wellness programs, entertainment and social engagement.

In the past, people believed that nursing homes were the only option in such a case. For those who require round-the-clock care and monitoring, nursing home care can offer security and peace of mind. But there are many options in addition to nursing homes in Atlanta Georgia that offer a wide array of living arrangements, services and amenities. To help you learn which type of living arrangement may be the best fit for you, we’ve collected information on nursing home care services, as well as how they compare with assisted living communities.

Nursing Home Services

Nursing homes put a focus on providing medical care and support in a hospital-style setting. The following are services typically found in Atlanta nursing homes:

  • Around-the-clock nursing care
  • Daily living assistance, which offers support with routine tasks like personal hygiene, meals, dressing and bathing
  • Housekeeping services to put fresh sheets on the beds and garbage pick up
  • Dental health services
  • Therapy, such as occupational, speech and physical therapies
  • Some nursing homes offer specialized care, including:
    • Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
    • Dialysis
    • Pain management
    • Intravenous drug therapy
    • Rehabilitative therapy
    • Respiratory therapy

How Our Services Differ from Nursing Home Care

In contrast, services at assisted living communities like Heritage involve less medical care. While we do offer assistance with activities of daily living, it is offered on an as-needed basis and usually complements a more independent lifestyle. While we do not provide the scope of medical care a nursing home does, we provide a focus on wellness programs and life-enhancing activities. In addition, our community offers a much greater amount of privacy in a homelike environment. For those who do not require a high level of medical care, assisted living may offer a better fit.

Nursing Home Staff

Nursing home staff include a multidisciplinary team that offers well-rounded, expert care. Typically, a nursing home staff includes:

Nurses: Registered Nurses (RNs) assess the needs of all nursing home residents. After this assessment, they work with Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) to implement treatment plans. All RNs must be licensed to work within the state of their employment.

Certified Nursing Assistants: CNAs work under the guidance of RNs and usually help residents with daily activities, like grooming, dressing, eating and using the restroom.

Dietician: according to federal law, every nursing home must employ a qualified dietician. They can either be considered qualified through experience, education and/or training or register with The American Dietetic Association’s Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Physical Therapist: through carefully designed exercises, PTs help residents maintain mobility and pain-free movement.

All Atlanta nursing homes have federal requirements they must meet that are designed to ensure there is sufficient staff present to properly care for all residents.

Our staff is led by Solvere Living, which has provided superior living communities for over 175 years. By contrast to a nursing home, our team doesn’t focus on medical care but on daily assistance and greater well-being. We are committed to connecting with residents and providing extraordinary customer service.

Our Atmosphere

At Heritage, we are committed to providing a high-comfort, high-quality living experience. We surround residents with a supportive, engaged community where there’s always something fun to do, someone nice to meet and somewhere enjoyable to go. The following are some examples of our atmosphere and what you can expect if you reside at and of our Heritage communities:

We Love to Cook: our chef prepares restaurant-style dining, which you can enjoy with neighbors and guests in our elegant dining room. To us, nothing pairs better with good food than good company.

We Welcome Pets: pets are family, too. We believe that pets promote a sense of well-being and have been proven to reduce stress levels. Plus, home wouldn’t be home without them. We welcome pets to come along with their masters and become our guests as well.

We Invite the Outdoors In: our courtyard just might be our favorite space. Here, amid the sights and sounds of nature, friends gather for walks and residents can enjoy a quiet moment and a good book.

We Provide Health and Wellness Programs: we follow a branded wellness philosophy called SalusTM, which is Latin for “well-being.” This philosophy inspires all of our services and amenities, with offerings that reflect our four components of wellness:

  • Physical: we promote an active, healthy lifestyle and serve delicious, well-balanced meals that are designed to reduce the risk of disability and disease
  • Social: we encourage friendships and enhanced family connections through programming and special events
  • Intellectual: we also provide intellectually stimulating programs designed to improve cognitive function while offering a sense of fun
  • Spiritual: we offer involvement with an array of faith-based activities

An Attractive Alternate Option for Senior Living

At Heritage assisted living and memory care communities, we focus on wellness, well-being and a sense of community. Because our focus is not primarily medical, our costs are often lower than Atlanta nursing home care. Our community is ideally suited for residents who want to live independently, but who need a bit of extra help now and then. Our community is a great fit for those who want daily activities, including exercise classes, games and cultural events.

Get more information by downloading our free senior living guide to learn more about your senior living options. If Heritage sounds like a good fit for you, visit our Kennesaw, GA, Peachtree, GA and Marietta GA location pages.