10 Ideas for Entertaining Grandchildren

Being a grandparent is a rewarding experience with grandchildren loving the opportunity to be spoiled or learn new things. Whether you’re seeing your grandchildren for a Tuesday visit or spending time with them during holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah or the Fourth of July, having some ideas for what you’ll do together will make the visit more exciting. Here are 10 activities you can do with your grandchildren during the holidays and throughout the year.

1. Get Outdoors

When you live in the southern states like Georgia, you have the benefit of enjoying mild weather year-round. Bring your grandchildren outdoors for a nature walk or a bicycle ride around your community. Depending on your activity level, you may even want to simply sit back and watch them play at a local park. Collect leaves or stones during your outdoor adventure and use them later to create a keepsake. To make collecting objects even more fun, you can turn it into an art project. Many grandchildren love coming back to your home with their findings and painting rocks together, for example.

2. Be Crafty

For rainy days, ideas for entertaining grandchildren can include completing a few fun craft activities. Choose simple and easy crafts that will hold the children’s attention, such as painting picture frames, decorating a sticker book or creating a collage. If you’re having a holiday visit, you can plan your craft project around what you’re celebrating. The kids could paint a festive, holiday-themed picture frame that you put a photo in. Wrap up the new photo and frame and have the kids give it to their parents for Christmas.

3. Design a Scavenger Hunt

Children sometimes have non-stop energy, so it’s natural to want activities that are fun and keep them occupied. A scavenger hunt is a great way to make that happen. Make up clues and hide each riddle around the house. Once the children finish the scavenger hunt, award them with a “treasure.” The treasure could be as easy as extra dessert after dinner or a small toy that they’ve been asking for. Scavenger hunts are also great holiday activities, such as when parents or grandparents hide Easter baskets for children to find in the spring.

4. Head to the Movies

A day out at the movies is a fun activity for all. Head to the theater early and stock up on favorite movie snacks and then sit back and enjoy the show. Besides the movies, you could check showings at local theaters. Many playhouses have productions geared towards kids. As an alternative, you could always enjoy a movie night at home. Let the kids pick out a movie or choose a classic family film that appeals to everyone.

5. Create a Window Garden

You don’t need an acre of land to create a garden with your grandchildren. Window gardens are fun and require very little maintenance besides the occasional watering. Choose what seeds to plant together and then watch your garden grow a little more each time the grandkids come to visit.

6. Reminisce about Family

A common misconception is that grandchildren find old family stories boring. That’s not typically true. Kids love to hear about the past, especially if you share a funny story or two about their parents. Bring out a photo album and narrate the pictures so that the children know the stories behind them. If you haven’t done so yet, work on a family tree together. Not only is a family tree fun to make, but also many schools ask for children to send in one as a homework assignment.

7. Make Up Your Own Family Story

Add to your family history by taking photographs of one another or even drawing each other’s portraits. If you decided to paint frames together, you could save the photographs or drawings inside them. Another fun activity is to create a story together. You could make up a fictional story or interview one another for posterity.

8. Solve Brainteasers

Puzzles are a classic way to spend time with the grandchildren. Brainteasers will stimulate the mind at any age. Besides puzzles, you can work on crosswords and word finds together. Simple brain teaser toys are also fun to do together such as the Rubik’s cube and Kanoodle.

9. Cook Together

When many of us look back on our favorite times with grandparents, food is involved. Bring the grandchildren into the kitchen and teach them how to make your signature dishes. Their age determines how much they can help, but they will find enjoyment in even the simplest of tasks like cracking the eggs into a bowl.

Not the cooking type? You can still have fun with food by going for ice cream or ordering takeout from your favorite local eatery.

10. Read Together

You and your grandchildren don’t always have to be on the move. Many of the simplest activities create some of the best memories. Find a quiet area within your home or community and read a book together. Pick a classic novel that you can both enjoy and read it aloud or independently. At the end of the book, you can share your thoughts and discuss some of your favorite parts.

Invite Grandchildren to Visit Your Community

Entertaining grandchildren doesn’t have to be difficult. Many times, it’s as easy as drawing a picture together or reminiscing about the past. But if you’re stuck on how to entertain your grandkids for their next visit, consider your community’s amenities as well. If you live in a supportive living community, you likely have a host of amenities that can help, such as a media room, library and landscaped walking paths.

At Heritage communities, we provide all these amenities and more so residents can enjoy their time with us and invite their family and friends to visit. Learn more about our Marietta, Peachtree and Kennesaw assisted living and memory care communities in the Atlanta area and how we help residents enjoy every day. We’ll be happy to share more details on our spacious apartments and the amenities you can take advantage of.