10 Fun Indoor Activities for Seniors

Staying indoors provides a lot of opportunities to pursue long-forgotten hobbies. Although it could be tough to stay inside due to physical distancing or bad weather, you can still find plenty of fun things to do.

Indoor activities for seniors can be so much more than watching a movie or working on a puzzle. Adults who live alone can enjoy solo activities or get together with friends and family virtually, while those who live with family can enjoy in-person quality time with the people they care for. For those who live in an assisted living community, you have access to countless enjoyable indoor activities for seniors, even if they’re one-on-one or done in a way that fits physical distancing guidelines. Here are a few innovative ways to have a good time inside.

1. Book Club

Book clubs have seen a recent resurgence. The premise is simple: a group of avid readers choose a book to read together and then discuss at gatherings. Debating a book’s merits is a great way to spend time with other bibliophiles. A book club can be held with fellow assisted living community members or even done online. Online book clubs allow you to discuss book club picks virtually without having to attend an in-person gathering.

2. Start an Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens are popular with those who want an easy way to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. Products like the Aerogarden require less care than a traditional garden, but still offer the rewards of watching something grow, and of course, enjoying the harvest. Add water and plant food as needed and prune occasionally to keep your indoor garden healthy.

3. Do a Genealogy Project

How long has it been since you dug into your ancestry? It may have been when you were a kid in school, or maybe for your children or grandchildren’s school projects. If it’s been a while, consider revisiting your genealogy project. New tools may help you get further than you ever did before.

There are now numerous research tools to help you look into your family’s past, far more than even just a few years ago. For instance, Ancestry.com offers both free and paid options to research your family tree. Gain access to the National Archives for free or purchase a paid subscription for more access to family tree tools. DNA kits are also sold to connect ancestry data collected through DNA swabs. Save your family history data online and share it with relatives to let them know where you all came from.

4. Create a Family Recipe Book

Being indoors is the perfect time to create something that you can pass down to your children or grandchildren. A recipe book is a great place to start. Collect your favorite family recipes, whether they’re on index cards or in your head, and put them together in book form. Message other family members for contributions and share the final project with everyone in your inner circle. A family recipe book is an excellent way to make sure that your children and grandchildren get to always enjoy your favorite dishes for years to come.

5. Learn a New Skill

Many times, life is busy and there may be hobbies that you completely put off. Being stuck inside could give you an opportunity to pick up an old hobby or focus on perfecting a new skill. Craft skills are popular, such as knitting and crocheting, but you could learn anything that piques your interest. Tech skills are another popular pursuit and can help you stay connected with others outside of your home.

6. Play Fit Video Games

Many video game systems offer titles that will get anyone moving when they are stuck inside. Exercises can be modified to all levels of fitness. Wii Sports, Ring Fit Adventure, Kinect Sports and Zumba for Xbox are just a few examples of fun fitness video games that can be enjoyed by all ages. If you don’t have a video game system, try looking up exercise videos on YouTube and follow along at your own pace.

7. Practice Yoga

A great option for all fitness levels is yoga. Yoga poses can be adjusted to work with mobility issues, joint issues, old injuries and other physical conditions if any are present. Yoga helps with flexibility and overall well-being. Also, yoga provides the chance to relax and unwind. Between poses, you must focus on your breathing and staying centered.

If yoga doesn’t appeal to you, there are other indoor exercise routines you can follow, like chair workouts. Chair workouts feature using a chair for support as you bend and flex into different positions. These moves are great to build flexibility and improve muscle tone.

8. Bingo

Everyone – from adults to children – loves bingo and, although it’s a common activity for retirement community members, you could put your own spin on it. Instead of cash prizes, arrange a bingo night with unique prizes such as handbags or gift cards. Create a theme-night bingo that ties into an upcoming holiday such as Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.

If you don’t want to have an in-person gathering, you can play bingo online as well. There are plenty of online tools that will help you draw numbers and mark off free bingo cards with your friends or relatives.

9. Live Storytelling Sessions

Sharing your stories with others can be very meaningful to all involved. You have many outlets to participate in this type of exercise. For instance, write down a special memory from your past and meet with others in person to share your story. Another idea is that each participant brings a photo to a gathering and shares the memory associated with the picture. Live storytelling sessions don’t necessarily mean in-person either. Share stories online via email or video messaging applications.

10. Potlucks

If you’re lucky enough to live in a retirement community, then you are instantly among friends. While staying indoors due to bad weather, you could plan a community gathering. Potlucks are fun and easy to put together. Ask all invited residents to bring a dish to one of your community’s gathering spaces. Senior living offers many benefits to older adults, including planned gatherings and activity schedules.

If you can’t have a potluck now, plan one for later. Having something to look forward to can make time spent indoors or away from family more enjoyable.

When life keeps you inside – whether that’s due to a health situation, the weather or just the season – there are plenty of indoor activities in Atlanta to keep you engaged and connected to the people you value most.

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