Enhance your life with signature programs that expand your experiences.

Our memory care communities near Atlanta, GA aren’t just about creating a supportive place to live, it’s about creating joy. Everyone, especially those with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s, should be empowered to live fulfilling and engaging lives. To create joy and expand your experiences, we follow a holistic wellness philosophy with signature memory care programs that encourage you to enjoy every day. Valeo™ Signature Programs spark joy, honor your past and help preserve your memories for you and your entire family. Every program is customized, taking advantage of your strengths and incorporating your interests.

Some of our Valeo™ Signature Programs include:

Create and Compose

Art and music have multiple therapeutic benefits that can help those with memory impairments engage and express themselves. Neurological studies have shown that listening to music and creating art help improve brain function, even compensating for some of the changes brought about by aging and memory impairments.

With Create and Compose, Heritage seeks to bring those benefits to our Atlanta memory care community residents. Create and Compose encourages residents to enjoy art through painting, drawing, sculpture and both listening and playing music. As they engage with art and music, residents can relax, socialize and strengthen their sense of personal identity.

Legacy Kit

A Legacy Kit is a collection of treasured items that have meaning to you and your family. People with dementia create Legacy Kits filled with objects that were important in their lives. This might include photographs, postcards, cherished toys or jewelry and other items. Typically, items have historical relevance to your life, embody your interests or are associated with the important people, places or life events that shaped your story.

Our Legacy Kit program helps you and your family create this type of collection so you can safeguard the objects that best illustrate your life. The kit preserves your legacy, rekindling memories every time you open your kit. It can also help your family, allowing them to pass your story along to future generations.

Travel Times

Travel offers an opportunity to “get away from it all,” both physically and mentally. Travel Times brings joy and gives residents the opportunity to engage and experience different world cultures. The travel experience has been shown to relax the mind, renew the soul and offer new ways to see things. At the same time, it provides novel paths to connect and sparks pleasant, bygone memories. Travel Times is celebrated by “traveling” to a different country each quarter and is experienced through language classes, culinary experiences and programs related to the country being highlighted.

Creature Comforts

The bond between people and their pets is both strong and comforting. It helps keep the mind healthy, reduce stress and decrease depression and anxiety. Research has even shown that the human-animal bond can improve your health by reducing rates of heart disease and lowering blood pressure.

The therapeutic benefits of animals help those living with dementia enjoy their lives more fully. Our pet program, Creature Comforts, seeks to incorporate that into the lives of our residents. Creature Comforts brings gentle, social animals into the community for residents to interact with. You’ll find calm dogs, cats and even birds as visiting members from our Creature Comforts program that residents can get to know. We also encourage our memory care residents to bring out photos of the animals they’ve had in their lives, sharing memories of their animal experiences.


Designing a familiar, structured day can make a big difference in the lives of those with dementia. Routines provide a sense of safety and purpose, but they can also create joy. VITA! takes advantage of this opportunity by turning routine tasks into experiences.

Spearheaded by our wellness team, VITA! encourages residents to engage with the self-care tasks they go through every day by incorporating fun programs such as brain teasers and trivia, songs and exercise. With our VITA! program, daily tasks that must be done are transformed into joyful programs that put residents in high spirits and help improve cognitive function.

The goal of VITA! is not only to create joy but also to create a positive, calming environment. VITA! practices improve the community’s atmosphere, making it a peaceful, pleasant place to live and visit with family.