“What I like most about Heritage is that it is almost like being home and everyone on the staff feels like family. Anybody who works there knows who my mom is, knows who I am and is very responsive when I call or go to visit. It’s like being part of our own little village”
Linda Bernard, Daughter of Clarice Billue, Heritage of Peachtree resident


Ninety-one-year-old Clarice Billue was living independently in her middle Georgia home located in a small town more than 100 miles away from Peachtree City until she became so ill that she required hospitalization, followed by extensive rehabilitation. Because her daughter, Linda, lived in a one-bedroom home and was dealing with her own health issues that would make it impossible for her mom to live with her, the family decided it would be better for her to move to an assisted living community. “My daughter and I looked at all the assisted living communities in the Peachtree City area, because we wanted Mom to live closer to us. A lot of the newer places were very fancy, but just had a cold feeling to me,” Linda said. “When we went to see Heritage, about four and a half years ago, we toured the whole community. I could see residents and team members smiling, talking and visiting with each other. It seemed very warm and caring, and I just had a good feeling that it would be the right place for my mom.”

Although she’s slowing down some, Linda’s mom is still in assisted living at Heritage and doing well. “They take care of her medications and give her assistance with showering, so she doesn’t have to worry about falling, but she can still dress herself and make her own bed if she feels like it,” Linda said. “And until the COVID-19 restrictions, she was always out and about in the community interacting with folks. Even in a walker, she could outrun anybody and sometimes did!”

Linda feels the best thing about her mom living at Heritage are the connections and social interaction she was missing before. “In the small town where she was living, Mom wasn’t getting out much and was becoming very isolated. After she moved into Heritage she started hanging out with folks and becoming a lot more social than she had been in many years,” Linda said. “When we would go to visit, Mom would tell us that she was staying busy getting together with her crew! She’s had less interaction lately — even with our family — because of the lockdown, but she’s still much less isolated than she was before.”

Linda and her family look forward to when things at the community can return to normal. “The family lives a lot closer to her now, so before COVID-19 changed things, it was easy for us to just pop in and visit Mom any time we wanted to. When the grandkids would show up unexpectedly with the great-grandkids, that just delighted her,” she said. “And it made the kids happy, too. It will be good when we can visit like that again. I know she misses seeing us as much as she used to.”