“My wife and I had recently been thinking about moving to northern Georgia to be closer to our son and other family members. I asked my mom if she would be willing to move too, and live with us at our new home. At first, she said she would. But a few weeks later Mom told me she had changed her mind. She said, “I don’t want to leave here. This place fits me and I am comfortable here.”
Jay Clay, Son of Kathy Clay, Heritage of Peachtree resident


Jay Clay’s mother Kathy lived in her own home until about five years ago. That’s when she began falling frequently. “Usually when Mom fell, she hit her head. The last time she fell, she looked like someone had beat her up with a baseball bat,” said Jay. “She needed to be hospitalized to recover. When she was ready to be released the doctors told me that my wife and I weren’t going to be capable of taking care of her ourselves. That’s when we moved her into assisted living at Heritage.”

Jay chose Heritage for several reasons. “It’s situated well for us, as far as the driving distance for visiting goes. The location made it easy for me to stop in and see her three or four times a week. And Heritage has more of the lifestyle we were looking for,” he said. “I liked its smaller, cozy size and simpler lifestyle — a few of the other communities I looked at were just too large and too fancy. In addition, the price was right and what Mom could afford.”

Now 93-years-old, Kathy has started to slow down, but she still enjoys the food served up by the team members every day. “Mom told me she thinks she’s the only one who really loves the food,” Jay said. “She can’t understand why some of the other residents feel differently, but says it might be because some folks always have to have something to complain about!”

“I think she does miss being more active. When she first moved in,” he said, “she was still very mobile and always doing things, like going up and down the hallways to distribute mail and menus to the other residents. And she really enjoyed playing bingo, which she hasn’t been able to do for a while either. Between her becoming less and less mobile because of her age, and the changes Heritage has had to make because of COVID-19, she’s spending more time in her room. But, under the circumstances, I feel that’s to be expected.”

“Right from the start, I’ve always gotten along very well with the Heritage team. From Mary, who does the food, to all the other ladies who take care of the residents, I’ve had good interactions with everyone. They’ve handled dealing with COVID-19 quite well, in part by being very strict about people coming and going. They take good care of Mom, and I’m thankful for that. If she’d stayed anywhere else once she got out of the hospital, she’d probably have already passed away. It’s been five years, and I still have my mom.”