“The team at Heritage, especially Wanda and Debbie, have been wonderful with my uncle since he’s been there. I’m so pleased. I can’t say enough about how well they’ve taken care of him.”
Bob Benbow, Nephew of Pete Riley, Heritage of Peachtree resident


After he retired in 2012, Pete Riley moved from New York to Georgia to take advantage of the warmer weather and be closer to some of his family. He bought a home and lived there independently until a few years later when his nephew Bob Benbow realized Pete wasn’t doing well on his own. “He was falling a lot and started not wanting to get out of his bed. I knew something had to change. I got some recommendations from friends and interviewed team members at a bunch of places before I moved him into Heritage. It was the right place for him. They helped him get better.”

Pete got so much better that he was able to return to his home. Then, two years later he took a turn for the worse and Bob moved his uncle back into an assisted living apartment at Heritage. “Uncle Pete’s always been a bit reclusive, and he got even more so as he got older. First, he stopped wanting to go out to grocery shop or visit family. Next, he stopped driving. I could see that he was slowly starting to fade away,” Bob said. “Then one day he went to bed and just refused to get back up. That’s when I knew he needed to move back to Heritage.”

With his return to Heritage, Bob’s 78-year-old uncle began receiving specialized dual care. “The truth is that he’s slowly dying. So, I have someone from hospice come in to sit with him eight hours a day and help him with eating, bathing — whatever he needs. Then Heritage sees him through the night. The Heritage team does a great job of coordinating with the hospice nurse and really staying on top of things. Together, they keep me informed about what’s going on,” Bob said. “They call me regularly with updates, and keep each other updated, too. That means no matter who I talk to, hospice or Heritage, they’re all on the same page. And if Uncle Pete has a problem, they let me know right away. I honestly think all the care he’s getting, especially from the Heritage staff, is why he’s still alive.”