“Although it took my mom a while to get used to living at Brookstone, as time has gone by, she’s actually become their resident welcome wagon! When new people move in, the team takes her to meet them because she’s very good at answering their questions and making them feel welcome. She’s much more social than she ever was before. Being at Brookstone gives her that opportunity.”
Andrea Redd, Daughter of Marjorie Andrus, Heritage of Brookstone resident


Andrea Redd moved her mom from Ohio, where her family was originally from, five years ago. For the first three years after the move, Marjorie lived with Andrea and her husband in their Kennesaw home. “Things got to the point, after Mom started falling a lot, when she felt it was time to do something different. I agreed with her. I looked at other senior living communities in the area, and decided I liked Brookstone best,” she said. “It’s a smaller and more cozy community environment, and the apartments are bigger than the ones I saw at other places I visited. And, I live so close that I can easily walk over when I want to visit, and that makes it feel like I’m just popping into her house!”

Moving her now 94-year-old mom into her assisted living apartment went well. “The big deal for her was to get a new bedroom suite. She helped pick it out and she loves it. We also decorated with pictures of Dad and all the bowling trophies she’d won over the years to help her feel more at home,” Andrea said. “It’s been two years and Mom’s very comfortable where she is. Even though she uses a walker now, she’s still very mobile. She’s able to manage her own meds — something that’s important to her — and participate in things when she wants to or stay in her apartment if that’s what suits her. Mom feels her level of independence is not being impeded at all. And she likes that.”

Although her mom moved into Brookstone prior to the pandemic, and COVID-19 is still having an impact on how things are done, Andrea feels that instead of minimizing care, it has enhanced it. “So far, I feel the team has handled everything beautifully. They are working extreme hours and doing the very best they can do for us,” she said. “They’ve gone above and beyond in everything, even eating dinners with Mom in her room so she can have company, if she’s not in the mood to eat by herself. And they’ve continued to do a very good job of taking care of her food allergies.”

Andrea feels that Heritage manages to safely keep things social for her mom while also making sure that the family is included. “We’ve always been invited to every celebration, and we still are. And whenever they have something going on, like their recent Veterans Day ceremony, I try to be there,” she said. “This past year, I baked Mom’s favorite cupcakes and brought them over for the birthday celebration they were still able to safely have for her. She appreciated that, and I did, too.”