Hear what our residents and their family has to say.

Andrea Redd

“Although it took my mom a while to get used to living at Brookstone, as time has gone by, she’s actually become their resident welcome wagon! When new people move in, the team takes her to meet them because she’s very good at answering their questions and making them feel welcome. She’s much more social than she ever was before. Being at Brookstone gives her that opportunity.”

Linda Bernard

“What I like most about Heritage is that it is almost like being home and everyone on the staff feels like family. Anybody who works there knows who my mom is, knows who I am and is very responsive when I call or go to visit. It’s like being part of our own little village.”

Jay Clay

“My wife and I had recently been thinking about moving to northern Georgia to be closer to our son and other family members. I asked my mom if she would be willing to move too, and live with us at our new home. At first, she said she would. But a few weeks later Mom told me she had changed her mind. She said, “I don’t want to leave here. This place fits me and I am comfortable here.”

Larry Aldrich

“The people at Heritage do such a great job. Whenever I go in there — especially before COVID-19 when I was able to go and have lunch with my mom a couple of times a week — they always make sure I have a cup of coffee! They always take care of me just as much as they take care of Mom and the other residents. That’s part of why I feel that they just do everything right”

Bob Benbow

“The team at Heritage, especially Wanda and Debbie, have been wonderful with my uncle since he’s been there. I’m so pleased. I can’t say enough about how well they’ve taken care of him.”